Providing Regina Professional Auto Painting Services by Experienced Autobody Technicians.

Great paint can make a vehicle look brand new, and at Courtesy Collision Centre, we pride ourselves in providing automotive paint services that really deliver. Whether your vehicle is new, nearly-new, or not-so-new, you can trust our paint specialists to give your vehicle that brand-new look.

We offer different paint services to suit your need. For a custom quote on a new paint job for your vehicle, please call us at (306) 522-5800 ( find our location ).

Paint Services We Provide

Collision Repair

If your vehicle was recently involved in a collision and requires paintwork, let our experienced autobody technicians give it a brand-new coat! Our paint booth is setup to handle nearly any vehicle, from a compact car to an extended-cab pickup truck.

Complete Vehicle Repaints

New paint can make any vehicle look and feel brand new. If you have a vehicle getting on in years, a fresh paintjob can bring back that new-car feeling.

Prior to paint, our autobody technicians will prep the vehicle. Once prepped, we then diligently apply even layers of top-quality automotive paint. Once the paint has cured, we then apply layers of clear coat to improve the shine and durability.

The end result looks like it came off the showroom… every time!

Bumpers & Individual Body Panel Painting

If you need your bumper, door panels, roof, or other areas painted, but the entire vehicle does not require painting, we can help.

We will carefully prep the area for paint and apply colour-matched paint to the area. We will then blend the surrounding areas and panels so that the new paint matches the vehicle’s existing paint.

What to Expect When You Bring Your Vehicle in for Paint Work

Inspection & Quote

It all starts with an assessment of your vehicle. During this inspection we are assessing the type of paint work your vehicle will need to meet your requirements. If your vehicle is already being repaired at our shop due to a collision, dent repair, PDR, etc., your vehicle has likely already been quoted for paint work if it is needed to complete the repair.

Once you approve the quote we intake your vehicle, arrange a rental vehicle (if needed), and get to work.

Body Repair

There’s no sense in painting a damaged surface. Prior to actually beginning the paint process, we get to work repairing any dents or damage. All panels and components being repaired/replaced will be identified in the quote we initially performed.

Vehicle Preparation - Sanding/Masking

With the body panels repaired and ready to move on to paint, we get to the next step: sanding and masking. We sand down the areas being painted and get the surface ready. Headlights, brake lights, glass, mirrors, and other surfaces not being painted are removed and masked/covered as needed.


With the vehicle prepped for paint, we move it to one of our paint booths and get to work. We apply several layers of primers, paint, clear coats, and sealers- the specific formula and process depends on the type of paint and paint job that is required.

Our paint booths are environmentally controlled and ventilated to ensure that dust and other debris does not make its way into the paint during application.


Once the paint has cured and sealed, we apply wax and spend some time polishing the new paint. This brings the vehicle to a shine and helps it look its best.


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