Premium Automotive Detailing and Paint Reconditioning in Regina

We can all agree that there's nothing better than that new car look and feel. More than just being clean, properly detailed vehicles show better, are more likely to sell when listed for sale, and improve owner satisfaction in the vehicle. At Courtesy Collision Regina, automotive detailing is something that we've refined down to an exact science.

We offer two types of automotive detailing: Automotive deep cleaning (AKA a traditional detail), and paint reconditioning.

Comprehensive Car & Truck Detailing

Auto detailing is more than a wash and wax. If you taking detailing seriously – as we do – a proper detail is a complete inside and out wash, conditioning, and rehabilitation process. A partial detail addresses one core area, such as your vehicle’s interior, and comprehensively cleans and returns this area back to a factory-fresh appearance. We offer various detail packages that consider your budget and desired outcomes.

Why Trust the Car & Truck Detailers at Courtesy Collision?

At Courtesy Collision, we are an autobody and detail shop. This is all we do, and it’s something that we pour extensive effort, refinement, care, and experience into. Our detailers use top-quality products and equipment, and you can count on us to be here when you need us.

We stand behind our work. If you have a quality concern, we will work with you to resolve your concerns and ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Detailing Services

  1. Complete Inside & Out Detail - This all-inclusive package includes a comprehensive clean of your vehicle’s interior, shampooing of carpets, conditioning of leather surfaces, seat cleaning, dusting, and windows.

    The exterior is hand-washed and waxed. All-black is used to restore the depth of colour in trim pieces, and a hand-polish is done to bring out the shine in your paint.

  2. Interior Detail - For us, a detail starts at the top and moves its way down. The headliner is gently vacuumed and stain spot-cleaned, windows and pillars are cleaned, and the dash, doors, and steering column are dusted and cleaned. Vents are cleaned with a snake cloth, and all plastics, vinyl, and leather surfaces are conditioned.

    The seats, floor mats, and carpets are vacuumed and conditioned. Leather seats are cleaned with specialized solution and conditioned.

    For an additional level of depth, we can shampoo carpets and floormats as well as deodorize the interior.

  3. Exterior Detail - An exterior detail starts with a hand wash/dry and then can include waxes, clay bars, and power polishing. The depth of the detail we go into is dependent on your needs: a basic hand wash/dry/wax will make any vehicle shine, whereas a clay bar and power polish can go a long way in making paint look brand new.
  4. Engine Bay Detail - For those that are looking that have the most comprehensive detail possible, and engine bay detail the final step. Cleaning the engine bay will decrease areas with excess grease, recondition trim pieces so they look new, eliminate all caked-on dirt and dust, and finalize that new car feeling.

Paint Reconditioning & Restoration

You don't need to repaint to get your vehicles’ paint looking brand new. Reconditioning via an orbital polish, claybar, and wax will bring out the shine in paint that's five even ten or more years old. Our expert detailers would love to have an opportunity to make your older vehicle look brand new again.

How Paint Reconditioning Works

Before we whip out the orbital polisher and box of clar bars, we start by filling in any paint chips. With the paint chips filled, we use an orbital polished and a wax compound to blend it into the body so it looks seamless.

We can also apply a clay bar to the paint to remove surface imperfections, such as tree wax and road contaminants.


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