Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) & Small Dent Repair. Let the Experts at Regina’s Courtesy Collision Centre Take Care of Your Vehicle.

Offering Regina SGI Accredited & Approved Bodywork

We’ve all been there: you find a new door ding on your brand new ride, a shopping cart makes an unexpected mark, or perhaps your bike fell over and hit your door panel. No matter how those small dings got there, they can be an eyesore (at best) and they can seriously impact resale value (at worst). At Courtesy Collision Centre, we have been performing paintless dent repair (PDR) for years and have the know-how, experience, and tools to take care of your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair Performed by Technicians You Can Trust

Autobody isn’t rocket science, but it does take an experienced hand and a trained eye to get it done right. When it comes to looking good, “good enough” just doesn’t cut it. If your vehicle is also your pride and joy, make sure that the people that work on it know what they’re doing.

We’ve Got the Experience

Our autobody technicians regularly attend workshops and training as new techniques and tools come into the market. We take continuous education seriously- it’s how we can say with confidence that we’re one of the best automotive body shops in Regina. We stay on top of the trends and ever-changing industry so that our customers don’t have to!

We’re Passionate

Autobody isn’t something you get into because it’s easy. It’s a hard, demanding job that requires a careful eye and diligence in order to consistently achieve the quality of work that we’re known for. From our management down to our detailing staff, know that the people that make Courtesy Collision Centre as great as it is are here because of their genuine desire to do great work.

What can PDR Fix?

Paintless dent repair can do great things and keep costs down... but it can’t perform miracles. Here are examples of dents that PDR is ideal for:

Door Dings

Small door dings, like the kind left behind when someone accidentally opens their door and hits yours, are great candidates for paintless dent repair.

Hail Damage

Nobody knows hail like the prairies knows hail! Superficial hail damage - the kind that leaves small dings but doesn't otherwise damage your vehicle - is a prime example of where PDR shines.

Trunk & Rear Bumper Dings

The top of your rear bumper is a common place to find small dents and dings. This is usually caused by putting things in (like suitcases or musical instruments) and accidentally bumping or resting the item on your bumper. We can fix that!

Road Marks

A rock hitting your hood at 100km/hr is going to leave a mark, and it may not be just the paint that shows it. PDR can repair the dent, and if paint correction is required, get the surface ready for paint work.

Other Dents & Dings

Baseball land on your roof? Golf ball to the rear quarter panel? These things happen, and when they do, our PDR technicians will fix them and get your vehicle looking as if nothing ever happened.

What to Expect During a Paintless Dent Repair

  1. It all starts with an estimate - We’ll assess your vehicle and the dents you want removed. Not all dents can be removed with PDR (though most can), and if there’s a dent we think PDR can’t tackle, we’ll let you know during this assessment.
  2. During this estimate we will provide you with timelines and set expectations for the result. We do our best to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Schedule service - We will book your vehicle in for a day/time that is convenient for you. Note that if you are working through insurance, the claim process must be in motion before we can schedule a service.
  4. Inspection and pick-up - Once we have completed the repair we will notify you so you can come inspect our handiwork. Once you give your approval we’ll take care of any remaining paperwork/financials and send you home with your vehicle!


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