Recently in an accident?

Next Steps

Courtesy Collision can help you through the next steps of your repair, from claim to completion.

We work hard to make the repair process as smooth and streamlined as possible – we understand that being in a collision is stressful enough!

At the scene of the accident

  • Call the police: if anyone has been injured, if it is a hit and run, if the driver is impaired, if vehicle(s) must be towed, or if the plate is from out of province or not valid . If none of these apply to you, exchange information and notify SGI.
  • Exchange your name, address, insurance company name, policy number(s) and drivers license number with the other driver.
  • If you are able, take pictures of the damages to your car, the other car and the scene of the accident.
  • If there are witnesses to the accident, obtain their names, telephone numbers and addresses.
  • To the best of your ability, write down your description of the accident while it is fresh in your mind.

Filing a claim

  • If the police are not required to attend the scene, it is still a good idea to report the accident.
  • Regardless of which driver may be at fault, call your insurance company or agent and file a claim.
  • To call SGI in Regina: 1-800-667-9779 (during business hours) and 1-800-647-6448 (after 8 pm and weekends). Be sure to have your drivers' license, vehicle registration and if applicable your auto extension insurance policy number ready.

Meet with an appaiser

  • On the day of your appointment, drive your vehicle to the claims centre. The appraiser will assess the damage to your vehicle and the cost of repairs.
  • If your vehicle isn't safe to drive, we'll arrange to have it towed to 1 of our claims centres.
  • Your insurance company has the right to inspect the damages to your car. Have your vehicle repaired
  • Once the appraisal is done, you'll get a printout outlining the cost of repairs if your vehicle is repairable.
  • After your adjuster confirms your insurance coverage is in order, you can have your vehicle repaired with us.

Getting your vehicle repaired

  • The facility will ask you to sign a work order authorizing the repairs. Make sure it specifically identifies the details outlined in the estimate. Your signature means that you are liable for the invoiced costs!
  • A thorough walk through of the repairs performed on your vehicle should be conducted and should correspond with the original agreement.

Authorize payment

Once your vehicle has been repaired, Courtesy Collision will ask you to sign a Certification of Repairs form. This form signifies that you're satisfied with the repairs and authorizes SGI to pay us.


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